our suite of services

We're the best at selling your home for the highest possible price in the quickest amount of time.

Incredible video footage that brings your property to life and enables the buyer to see how it is to live in your home.

Making your property stand out among others and showing it in the best possible light is essential to getting it sold for the highest price point in the shortest amount of time. We use the best videographers and editors in the industry to create beautiful, engaging videos that will instantly peak buyers' interest.
The videos we create for your property feature sweeping aerial drone footage, cinematic exterior shots, crisp clips of the interior, with background music to set the tone and enhance the stunning visuals of your home.

We use top photographers to capture the essence of what makes your property one of a kind.

With 93% of home buyers starting their search online, we want to ensure we capture their attention. Wide-angle lens photography and exposure layover editing portrays your property visually in the best manner imaginable.
We have access to top photographers who will capture your property in the best light possible through drone shots, interior and exterior daytime photos, as well as twilight photography to encapsulate amazing vantage points and create eye catching characteristics for even the most discerning buyers.

3D Virtual Tours create a vision of your property and turn your home into an immersive digital space.

Matterport 3D Tours allow the home buyer to explore each room completely with 360 degree movement. While you can get a feel for a home's features from a walkthrough, a 3D digital rendering gives you a sense of the space. It's a separate experience than a video tour, designed for a different purpose.
A 3D virtual tour acts as a great complementary method for seeing the interior possibilities for a home. It also allows us to attract more qualified prospects by giving viewers the most complete representation of your property, attracting leads that have genuine interest in your property.
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Our network

We are part of exclusive networks available to the verified top-grossing real estate agents in the nation and the Westside Los Angeles Market.

We are approaching $1B in sold transactions over the past 12 years, in large part because of off-market deals through our relationships.

Top Producer Networking / Top Agent Network
We have created robust relationships with top producing brokers in the very localized Westside Los Angeles Market. The top 10% of agents sell 90% of real estate. We belong to verified networks of those 10% of agents.
National and Global Marketing
Our relationships and reach go further than just locally. Memberships to groups like REALM create our ecosystem of high net worth individuals and their agents who execute on their every need throughout the United States and 25+ other countries.

Compass Private Exclusive / Coming Soon
Private off-market listings that can only be shared by Compass agents.

Luxury, unlike any other brokerage.

Developed with a discerning consumer in mind, the Luxury Division at Compass elevates all aspects of elite properties through enhanced aesthetics, emboldened exposure, and an unparalleled network of top brokers.

From the preparation, to the promotion, and the ultimate sale of a luxury property, all aspects are curated to meet the standard luxury commands.

In the past year alone, Compass has aided in over 100,000 real estate transactions, totaling over $88 billion dollars.
Through cultivating the smartest minds and experienced professionals across technology, design, and marketing — Compass provides the highest level of business support to their customers.

Enabled with the innovative mindset of a startup and the sophistication of an exclusive brand, Compass delivers an incomparable and seamless experience to both agents and their clients.
Platforms we use

Social Media marketing that showcases your property to thousands of engaged, targeted users interested in the luxury real estate market. 

Helmed by a dedicated social media team, we engage our broad network of users utilizing top social platforms including Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

Through utilizing these platforms to promote properties and current real estate trends in Los Angeles, we create hyper-local content in a visually compelling way that resonates with Westside communities and the luxury market.
With this suite of promotional opportunities and our commitment in staying ahead of social media trends, your home will be spotlighted in a real-time, relatable, and dynamic way.

Dynamic digital marketing that goes above and beyond.  

We go above and beyond when it comes to how we market your property. While most agents do the basics of getting your property online, we not only market your property organically through third party websites and social media, but also put a high focus on paid advertising. This allows us to be strategically specific in exactly who is seeing your property so we can directly target buyers that are looking for properties like yours.
Some of our digital marketing strategies include:
• Ad-retargeting
• Instagram and Facebook promotion
• Batch email campaigns
• TAN posts sent out to the network of the top 10%. luxury verified agents in Los Angeles, and more.

Unleash Your Property's Full Potential with our Efficient Full-Service Solutions

We are full-service agents who leverage our vetted service provider network to seamlessly and efficiently assist in prepping your home to come to market. Through a range of services such as landscaping, painting, staging, and other specialized vendors, we offer comprehensive solutions to address any potential issues that buyers may encounter during the escrow process, often resulting in Sellers crediting for repairs.
With Compass Concierge, our brokerage is able to cover up to $40,000 worth of costs to upgrade and prep your property to come to market. As your agents, we are committed to maximizing your final sales price, ensuring you reap the benefits of our expertise and resources.